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A 3d Warmblood Model (draft)
Thats right! You heard it. We are officially announcing that we are building an innovative 3D game that will hold all the great stuff of Virtual Horse Ranch. What exactly will it be? It will be very similar yet much more user friendly than our current web game. Yet, it will have enjoyable graphics, a way to actually 'see' your horse perform, and many other additions. Our main goal is preserving the features that makes Virtual Horse Ranch web game such a fun game.
We currently plan this to be a free download. It will still be a massive multi-player game, yet built to be very fast and handel many many users. We have not finalized prices and plans, but it will be a subscription game much like our web game. We plan to have VHR2 released this Fall, and we will keep you posted and give you sneak peaks, right here. Also, keep your eye out for Beta Test announcements, we will need avid players to play this game to test it along with us. Bookmark us and check back here often!

Questions & Answers

Will our current VHR horses or accounts be on this game?

    We do not plan on this. We plan on giving everyone a fun new fresh start, and to be part of a game from the beginning. Also several of our fantasy and exotic breeds will not be available initially. You will have to sign up, but only once, because this game allows us to do many advance things to avoid having to need more than one account.
What will happen to our current game?
    VHR, the webgame, is not planning on going anywhere. Everything you have there will be there as everyday.
Will it be slower, or slow the other games down?
    Absolutely not, VHR2 will not only be a lot faster, since most of the content will be on your computer but also will be on a totally seperate machine (server). If anything it should also help out the other games, since many users will come join VHR2.
What about doing custom colors, horse notes, or using my artistic skills?
    In the initial release of VHR2, the custom color feature might not be ready. Horses will be born in a certain set of colors. We do however plan on adding a way for you to customize your horse's appearence in 3D, kind of like 'paint and color'. This will stick to the horse, and may be software at additional charge. Details are not determined. There will be a way to add in notes on your horse so others may view also.
What will training be like and the horses?
    Just about everything that VHR horses have will be preserved, it will just be easier, and more fun. All the stats you have gotten use to today, will be in your horse. Also, when you train your horse, you will get to see a quick animation of your horse - it will not be the same animation every time. For example, if your horse refuses a jump, or stumbles, thats what you will see. This option can be turned off at your will. You will not have to click a 'back' button to train, as when you train, the action and progress is displayed in a seperate window. Most of the training options will be preserved, and more clear.
Will I need multiple accounts?
    Nope, upon building your barn, you will be able to control what horses do are 'turned' and aged at what pace, most likely depending on what place they are located in. We will be announcing the details of this later.
Will there be any big features that will not be included, besides some VHR fictional breeds?
    Polo, foxhunting, gymkhana events will be put off for later. Other than that, not many features will be lost. Crossbreeding, stats, and just about everything will still be in VHR 2.
What about customizing your ranch, and ranch descriptions?
    You will hopefully be able to customize the building of the ranch right away, along with writing in the descriptions, and other goodies when a player visits a certain part of your ranch! For example, if you name your barn, the stud barn, they can virtually visit that barn the way you built it!
If the game is so similar to VHR, why should I play with this program?
    VHR2 will be much more emmersive, easy to use, and get rid of the boring element of just text. It will also be continually updated with new features, and always have a live going auction, that you can see! This game will also be a lot easier to learn, and a lot more straightforward. Yet to be an expert, knowing our current VHR game will certainly help!
What will events be like?
    Initially, events will be similar the way they are now, yet you will not have to run your own events, they will run automatically at set times. Also, we plan on making a way to view the event, or a single horse performance, this might not be available right away.
How will this be secure? If there is a program on my computer, and how do I connect to others?
    Here is how this works. There are 2 parts to the game, one on your computer, called the client. The other part is on a remote server, called the server. All non-sensitive information, like horse graphics, the client interface, and aspects that can not be used 'to cheat' will be saved on your computer as part of the client program. All sensitive data, like the text parts, is held on the server. When ever you send a message to another player, or buy a horse, or things like that, it goes through the server. None of this information goes directly from one players machine to another.
If there is an update, and this program is on my computer, how will I get the update?
    The Client, the part of the game that is on your computer, will be updated online, automatically, when an update is released.
Where can I discuss this with others? Can I give my opinion? Is there a forum up yet?
    We do not have an official forum up, but certainly will for this game upon Beta Launch.You are welcome to discuss it in the VHR forums or in chat.
When will we get to see more screenshots?
    Screenshots will be posted here soon as we have content that is ready to be seen by the public. We promise to post some by the end of July here.