Inside Orbis

Game Masters are volunteers who monitor activity with in Virtual Horse Ranch and Sand Box Farm. The are essentially the good police, because they are here to help you! In exchange, the volunteers are given upgraded accounts, gifts, and powers with in the game. We could not run these games and have such wonderful communities with out the time and efforts of our volunteers.

Requirements to be a Game Operator:

Your following duties will include:

  • Attending virtual chat meetings when possible
  • Monitoring chat atleast 5 hours a week.
  • Monitoring in game activities, names, custom content, forums, bulletin board.
  • Reporting game issues.
  • Answering support questions or reporting ones you can not assist with.

    To apply to be a volunteer, you must meet the following requirements:

  • 18 years or older of age.
  • Mature, responsible, well manered and even tempered.
  • IRC profficiency (Not neccessary, we will train).
  • MIRC or a 3rd party IRC client (Not neccessary, you may download after recruited).
  • Be very familiar with Virtual Horse Ranch
  • Good online social skills
  • Willingness to help others

    If you are interested in becoming a Game Operator, please express interest to your fellow volunteers. Our recruiting techniques have changed, we do not require an application but instead 'headhunt' those who we feel are best suitable. So please be active in the community and get to know everyone! :)