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Privacy Policy Statement
This is the normal information logged in standard web server access logs. Contact data provided when customer or player affirmatively asks for more information or makes a purchase on our web site.
Types of Information that may be collected:
  • use of HTTP cookies (No third party cookies are used)
  • Cookies and related mechanisms
  • search terms
  • Your email address upon account registration (optional)
  • client's IP address or hostname
  • request timestamp

    How your information may be used:

  • To contact you through means of email in matters relating to Orbis games or Virtual Horse Ranch, only by Orbis Games.
  • To do research and development without creating a record identified with you
  • To do web site, system administration, and monitoring.

Who may use your information: This web site and the owner propriertiship of Orbis Games, we do not give out any information to anyone beyond our company, such as email address, passwords, usernames. We all hate spam.